Straight Rambo Part II

Previously on Straight Rambo:

Bert and Ernie grew a little irritated by me occupying their house as my stay there was lasting longer than usual.  Despite the golem I built them, I’d constantly have to spend nights waiting out the invading monsters.  In an effort of good faith, I added an attic and tiny living space to their house.

Cozy stairway


The space in the attic
The space in the attic

I decided to take a little risk.  I packed up some tools, iron, dirt, seeds, carrots and potatoes and headed underground into the mines. I brought enough food to last me for the trip as well as empty buckets and two buckets of water to create an infinite water spawning well.

My goal was to create a self contained living space.  I started by building two rooms; one for wheat and the other for pumpkins, potatoes and carrots.

Underground Wheat Farm
Underground Wheat Farm
Pumpkins on the left, Carrots up top, Potatoes down below

The next goal is to create an underground forest. Monsters though,



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