Rated J – The Podcast

I do a podcast now. Just me and a mic ranting.

Rated J: The Podcast



It was a triple episode launch and considering THIS post is the first time I’m telling the outside world about it – it has gone pretty well and most people get the schtick so, I think it’s ready for prime time.

Listen. Downloads below.

1. Say Hello To The Bad Guy (Download)
Jaded reintroduces himself and explains why real friends still talk on the phone, his confusion over GaymerX and his love of a certain Generic shooter.

2. Another Quaalude, She gonna love me again (Download)
The Jaded Gamer talks about Susan B. Anthony, Joan of Arc and Malala…. among other things involving women.

3. My word and my balls. (Download)
Jaded discusses his aforementioned date as well takes questions from social media.



Get Ready…

The weekend is almost upon us and that is when YMB will start morphing.  Want to see something?


That is a page out of Last Life.  Last Life is the last Grand Theft Option/Game of Shame comic I’m going to make. Unlike the other comics in the series, this one is driven by the character and not just the shenanigans.

Psst.  Between you and me, once Backlog Infinite is back up and rolling (New episodes this weekend) Rated J will also be…. A PODCAST! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shhhh.  Don’t tell anybody.  I’m really nervous and really shy. People like the group thing but I get quite a few questions every so often and Rated J… the YouTube series only gives me about 3 minutes on any given subject.  Rated J: The Podcast – will give me more time to go off on tangents. I’m aiming for 20-30 minutes.

YMB will have more more more of everything very soon. I had to figure out sleeping patterns for working these rotating shifts. Also, I had to learn a new position which still stresses me out but not nearly as much. I’m able to get back to writing jokes, more jokes, better than easy to write masturbation jokes in comics (Heh-heh).

And OH MY GOD, I can write a review for Dying Light.  That game is too damn long. You cap out around 30 hours and the game just… goes on. I burned myself out, so this weekend there will be marathons of content production…


The Jaded Gamer
Twitter: @IamFN2K
Email: IamFN2K@gmail.com

Almost back on my feet

I’ve been a little inconsistent over at YMB recently but that all comes to an end very soon.  Soon, there will be a great deal of coverage on some things.  Ideas are being tossed around.  Comics will begin to be standardized.  Soon, YMB is going to have to change the layout to something that can support more writers.  It is going to be interesting.

I’ve figured out what this page will be.  YMB is the job, this is the personal blog.  When I get the juiciest of juicy exclusives, they will show up here and YMB will report on them.  When I come up with the wildest and dumbest theories that YMB does not want to claim endorsement over, they will be here.

Trying to finish polishing some podcasts.  I’m working on a comic.  There will be more Rated J.  I’m even tossing around a non-gaming related video series to give YMB a little depth.  But that is Spring 2015.  YMB is going to be going 2.0 very soon.

I can’t confirm or deny anything but I can tell you this, I want to give away games… every month because why not?  I just need to figure out how to make that a reality.

The vision of YMB is to be a different type of news. You can find more current, up-to-date news anywhere.  We over at YMB need to try and think differently about the same topics other people constantly talk about because, why bother adding to the conversation otherwise?

So as I figure out what I’m doing with this page (because like it or not, you’re stuck with me for another 2 years now.) just know… it is most definitely supposed to be a “Jaded Gamer in Real Life” scenario.



Straight Rambo Part II

Previously on Straight Rambo:

Bert and Ernie grew a little irritated by me occupying their house as my stay there was lasting longer than usual.  Despite the golem I built them, I’d constantly have to spend nights waiting out the invading monsters.  In an effort of good faith, I added an attic and tiny living space to their house.

Cozy stairway


The space in the attic
The space in the attic

I decided to take a little risk.  I packed up some tools, iron, dirt, seeds, carrots and potatoes and headed underground into the mines. I brought enough food to last me for the trip as well as empty buckets and two buckets of water to create an infinite water spawning well.

My goal was to create a self contained living space.  I started by building two rooms; one for wheat and the other for pumpkins, potatoes and carrots.

Underground Wheat Farm
Underground Wheat Farm
Pumpkins on the left, Carrots up top, Potatoes down below

The next goal is to create an underground forest. Monsters though,



Ever since I migrated my schtick here over to Your Momma’s Basement, I’ve been having trouble thinking of ideas for this page.  I’ll figure it out.

So there I was ready to upload a YouTube video and then I realized I had to renew my domain. So, before I renewed it, I ended up reading some older entries.  I really didn’t recognize that guy writing that stuff, so I just killed the blog, renewed my domain and was on my way.

Then the internet went out.  Maybe it was for the best.  Somewhere between it going out and me running over the video one more time, I had a change of heart about some of the content.

So I’ll get the episode up… Just gonna reshoot some things. Re-edit and it’s all good.

The Jaded Gamer.

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